Black Friday is that time of the year when everyone starts looking out for the best offers and dreaming of that awesome perfectly priced product. It’s also that time of the year when stores take advantage of the madness and start playing around with prices in order to make a lovely profit. This is why Price Monitor – PMon for short and for friends – comes to your aid with a simple mechanism of avoiding impulse shopping. With a quick signup (all you need is an email address and password) you can add all the products you want and you can watch as their price goes up or down and how their rating fluctuates. Once you pick up on how these variables evolve, you can pretty much estimate in which direction the product is going and you can decide to purchase or hang on until the price goes back to being friendlier. Taking into account that Black Friday is almost upon us, November 17th 2017, let’s talk about how you’re supposed to get ready for the occasion and how you can avoid hastily made decisions:
  • make a list of what you want to buy – ideally the products should be useful and prioritized (a fridge is more important than the latest smart TV)
  • if you already have a list of priorities, I wholeheartedly suggest your purchase each item individually: don’t add one to your cart, then another and so forth and so on. The more you delay placing your order, the more you risk missing out on the products, a sudden stock shortage or a site error that causes an empty cart
  • stick to your list, there are a lot of tempting offers but spending 50% less on a useless product is still a loss – smaller, but still an expense
  • take presents into account, including Christmas shopping (the offers are better than the ones promoted during the winter holidays)
  • check “free” items, the products whose price is on ascending trend. When it comes to these, owners claim that they will come back to the entry price
  • take into account the smallest price the product ever reached
  • do not fall for the old “Out of stock” trick: there are certain products that are purposely offered in small doses for marketing reasons
  • lastly: stick to a budget. It’s easy to overspend and when it comes to returns and getting your money back, time is not on your side. If the store allows it, pay on delivery. That way you keep you money in case you change your mind and there will be plenty of time for that – deliveries during this time take at least a couple of weeks for most stores so don’t get excited
  • other than the above, the general rules apply: avoid cheap products (so-called bargains) – they cost less but they are also worth less, do not buy products with negative reviews, try to avoid emotional shopping, etc.
Not to toot our own horn, but PMon can help you with simple solutions to all our recommendations from above: you can monitor prices, you can add those products you’ve been dreaming about for some time and you can forsake the temptation of the impulse buy. You know that phone you’ve wanted since forever was 25% cheaper last week but now its price has increased by 30% – do you think you can wait for a bit? PMon thinks so!

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