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What is PriceMon ?

PriceMon is, as its name states, a price and rating monitor.

100% developed in Romania, PriceMon (or PMon if we’re on a first name basis) helps you to:

  • not get swindled: if the price increases from 500 lei to 1.000 lei at 9 AM only to show up at 2 PM with a 50% discount and a value of 500 lei – then that’s hardly a deal!
  • make the best choices for your budget.
  • compare objective reviews from several stores in fully transparent manner.

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Why should I use PriceMon ?

How many times has this happened to you?

You’ve discovered an offer you can’t refuse, the product you wanted is not 50% off! You add it to your cart, you complete your order and you’re almost throwing a parade in your honor for a fantastic deal!

The product ends up in your hands, the parade goes on and you’re like Leo DiCaprio at the helm of the Titanic! But surprise! You go back on the website and you see that the product you’ve just purchased is now 70% off!

This is not the first time this has happened but if you start using PriceMon, you can be sure it will be the last time!

Why you can trust PriceMon ?

PriceMon is not part of any affiliate program.

We don’t accept sponsorships in order to highlight a store or product. What you see in your product dashboard is 100% transparent, true to nature and updated in real time: only actual price drops, no ads or marketing.

You want to keep an eye on the latest iPhone? You’ll see its history without being bludgeoned by Samsung ads of the “Do you want an iPhone? Why not a Samsung?!” variety.

You’ll only receive emails from us when the price goes down – that’s all you care about anyway!

With PriceMon you will be able to check if the mythical Black Friday and Black-Any-Other-Day-Of-The-Year are actual bargains or financial sirens meant to attract you into a bad deal.

How do I use PriceMon ?

You’ve got two options: you either log into your PMon.eu dashboard and add the product links you care about or you use the very intuitive add-on: bookmark it in your browser and activate it on the product link you care about. You’ll be able to see the real time history of the product you’re interested in.

There is no limit to the number of products you can add. Add several products from several stores or the same product from multiple stores.

If we don’t have the store already listed, we’ll add it: all of this so you can have all the available information for an intelligent purchase.

What about my parade ?

Using PriceMon you’ll be able to save enough money so we highly encourage you to invest in confetti and at least two balloons – you can monitor their prices with PMon (we’re on first name basis already!).